Run by the spectrum, for the spectrum

We here at Always Aspergers LLC have dedicated ourselves to the betterment and improvement of lives for all on the Autism Spectrum. We work with parents of children on the spectrum, teens on the spectrum, and adults on the spectrum in any way we can.

There are so many services we wish to provide for all who come and we are always looking for new ideas. Here are what we currently offer:

  1. A social group for children, teens and adults on the Spectrum

  2. Counciling of parents, teens and adults about how to best help themselves/those on the spectrum

  3. Locating appropriate doctors /therapies /treatments

  4. Facilitating goals of parents/spectrumites to help them get where they want to go

  5. Provide training for social skills, proper behavior/etiquite

  6. Provide social worker services

  7. Assistance getting a job

To find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call at 248-425-0082!

prices vary depending on circumstances and requirements

We will be providing more services soon, so keep checking back