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Here you can listen to prior shows of the offical radio show of Always Aspergers LLC, The Spectrum Radio Show.


The Spectrum Radio Show is a hour long talk show all about the Autism Spectrum, which airs every Wednesday from 9pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time.


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5/13/15 autism and other struggles

5/6/15 inner peace

4/29/15 friends

4/15/15 fear

4/8/15 dating

4/1/15 lisa's work

3/25/15 empowering the spectrum

3/11/15 lower functioning autism

2/11/15 best of show

1/21/15 extreme mental processes

1/14/15 friends

1/7/15 coping skills

11/12/14 internet

11/5/14 medical situations

10/29/14 halloween

10/22/14 fashion

10/15/14 humor

10/1/14 divorce

9/17/14 money

9/3/14 religion show

8/27/14 marijuana show

8/20/14 hobbies

8/13/14 animals

7/30/14 tactile issues

7/23/14 driving

7/2/14 fourth of july special

6/25/14 being an advocate

6/18/14 wanting to be cured

6/4/14 stories of raising an autistic child

5/21/14 tv/move characters on the spectrum

5/7/14 autism and accomodation

4/23/14 superhero show

4/16/14 stress

4/9/14 poor coping

4/2/14 sensory issues

3/26/14 travel

3/19/14 debate on employment

3/5/14 music

2/26/14 living independantly

2/19/14 technology

2/12/14 School

2/5/14 Being Social